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Innovative Global Products has been involved with bringing innovative advanced construction products to the market for more than 30 years. With climate change being such a global threat most recently we have shifted gears into the business sector of advanced flood protection with the invention of our Rapid-H2O protection barriers.

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Innovative Global Products Inc. was first introduced in 1987 as a division of the original Innovative Surface Solutions that was incorporated in 1986 to explore international business opportunities on a global scale. We are now part of an international group of companies.

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Almost immediately sales began internationally when IGPI received their first order to produce CANADER™ in Europe in cooperation with one of the largest multinational heavy construction groups in the world.

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Innovative London excelled in sales thanks to our UK partners and the support of the UK Municipal/Highway Department clients along with the assistance of long-standing UK supplier relationships.

We continue to expand

In 2000 Innovative Global started working with another one of the largest construction groups in the world expanding in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, and Romania. Today IGPI maintains relationships in all of these countries even stronger now.

Soon after IGPI created a strategic alliance to supply CANADER™ blended liquid and finished CANADER™ product for distribution into various EU countries with our joint blending facility still located in Central Europe.

In 2006 Innovative Global products became an investor in HCB the first composite bridge beam in the world. HCB is a sustainable hybrid composite heavy construction alternative to concrete and steel acheiving the longest bridge span in the world still in service in Maine USA. Amazing product with an 80% lower carbon foot print, but unfortunately to date the inventors/patent holders have stalled the business due to various reasons.

Glenn Burkett President and Founder of IGPI

Vision, Mission & Values

Our advanced and innovative product solutions only use the highest quality raw materials sourced globally. From day one we have never changed from being committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability as being one of our top priorities. We can honestly and sincerely say in good conscience that we have and continue to make a difference.

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